Watch “TVアニメ「フルーツバスケット」本PV” on YouTube

This is like lit exciting! I love the manga and was a bit disappointed how all the characters and the story in the manga didn’t show up in the first anime. So it’s real exciting to see Fruits Basket have a reboot.


Making BNHA OCs

So recently made a total of 8 of my own characters for My Hero Academia and ideas for a fanfiction story.

First of my character is Luz. She has two quirks. Her story is she once was a troublemaker at first with her first friends due to annoyed of her heroic older brother. In high school she loses sight of becoming a villain and chooses to be a hero with her new friends in a team.

Next up is Judy, she has a magnet quirk. Her friend is Ruby with a snow quirk. The two were already good friends with two other guys Alister and Ernest. The four began as a group of four who already had their sights on being in a team of heroes.

Felix is another member of the team and friend. He’s quirkless but has a knack for inventions. Creating mostly weapons plus tools that’ll help him fight against villains.

Now for two other chatacters who mostly play roles in Luz’s life.

First is Luz’s friend Liam. He is part of a young villain group called Chess. Understanding Luz in her complicated life, the two started out as troublemakers choosing the path of villains. With his own parents living in secret as villains, Liam was taking care of his own. His quirk is Record Sound.

Second is Daniel, Luz’s older brother. During a hostage situation at a grocery store, he made his first heroic deed even if was just using his quirk as self defense. Since then he’s had bit of an ego to Luz and Liam’s annoyance. After Luz changes to hero, she still annoyed of her brother. Except he becomes more overprotective, which he thinks but it just gets on Luz’s nerves.


To know the fact that this anime use to have a Spanish dub is amazing. Makes me wonder if my parents watched it when they were kids. So far I know my dad use to enjoy watching Astro Boy and my mom’s favorite was Candy Candy.

My parents were born in Mexico so it makes me wonder if the show even aired in Mexico when they were growing up. It probably did but looking at the year it was released they probably didn’t watch it since they were young adults at the time traveling to the USA.

I actually love watching it now in spanish especially the Spanish opening is real catchy.


It’s just as good as watching Osomatsu-san. And what I enjoy about Osomatsu-san is the fact they’re young adults in this new series. What’s more this year they’ll be getting a movie release. From what looks like from the trailer it will be about they’re young selfs from when they were in High School.

Osomatsu-san movie trailer

So exciting! I’m loving this show!

Christmas Eve Eve

It’s midnight and I feel lonely. Usually I’d be excited but things haven’t gone right so far. So tonight I’m imagining ideas for characters. Two characters who live in different worlds. One of them is head over heals for the other but due to her job she’s having a hard time being close to him. It’s just a small part of a bigger story.

Her song is You Gave Me Love by Macy Kate

His is Love Show by Sonohra

For now I’m calling them Red and Blue.